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Thank you for visiting my blog. Via this digital medium I'm trying to give you a glimpse of my effort to travel the world. On the right hand side there's an overview of where I've been whilst blogging. Hopefully I'll succeed in making you jealous enough to follow me in my footsteps to the places I've blogged about, but also to places I haven't seen yet. Enjoy!



Oslo's welcome wasn't what we had hoped for.. I got my first ticked ever. But to make it even worse, I got two tickets. The first ticket was in the parking area next to the hostel. On their hostelbooker page they wrote they had their own parking space next to the building. In the ten minutes we were inside to ask how that would work (and finding out they didn't had any parking spaces), we got our first ticket. So we decided to park on the street to save some money (it was free after 21:00). I knew it was forbidden to park near a corner or pedestrian crossing, so there was approximately three meters between my bumper and the pedestrian crossing. That should be more than enough; it was almost big enough to park another car there. The next morning we found out that it wasn't enough and it has to be at least 5 meters. Almost 200 Euro's down the drain. So if you go to Norway by car, look up the current parking rules! Also look at the the automated toll system. We found out about this system when we were already in Norway, so I'm currently waiting for the fine.

Besides this, we had a nice stay in Oslo:  

To be honest, compared with Stockholm and Copenhagen, I liked Olso the least. Copenhagen is my favourite and Stockholm ends up in the middle. When walking through the city center, the vibe in Oslo was completely different compared to the other two cities and it feels if there is less history. Though Oslo is still a realy nice city, Stockholm and Copenhagen were more beautiful.

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